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Real Estate Match Maker - Social Media Unleashed 

Building a social media solution is not about posts and responses, it's about content integration that converts to property sales.  The Real Estate Market is a unique environment that requires quantitative and qualitative experience that can be leveraged into your campaign with the artistry of experiential wisdom.  We take the guesswork out and make the phone ring for each of our partners.

"Let me introduce myself;  I am Christine Burnette, President of Real Estate Match Maker.  Because of our over 500,000 followers (buyers, investors, listing agents and more) on our social media platform, we’re able to direct high-QUALITY traffic for your business.  We have honed our solution into a formidable machine designed for one benefit alone, property sales.  We are wordsmiths with an incredibly captured audience and will deliver more listings and transactions than any other social media marketing provider in the property market. Period. We have case study after case study and the facts are plain.  Each client is given a custom-managed campaign that is tailored to their paradigm.  Come find out why hundreds of thousands of subscribers are so loyal to our platform.  I look forward to partnering with you to maximize your exposure in this ever changing market."

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Video Production that captures emotion is an art 

Each video is drafted in production on story board with our art design team.  Our professional videographers go directly to the home and capture movement and shots with multiple angles for perspective utilizing drones, hook and ladder or just plain hanging from the nearby tree.  We want your prospects to feel what the magic of the property and imagine themselves home.  This high quality production is not expensive but it is worth transaction gold.

After shooting-cutting your video footage.

The real work begins.  We hand optimize each video and insert them into the YouTube Channel for exposure and Google digestion.  We then cross promote the footage in front of our select audience and match your offer with the perfect demographic for a singular marketing response rate.  Many of our clients tout moving property in days and sometimes hours for over the asking price!


Open House? We get them packed! 

Our Social Media and YouTube focussed campaigns can be drilled down to zip code specific exposure modules.  Each of our traffic-generating posts and interactions will match to the neighborhood that you are established in and as you are airing up the balloons and setting out the appetizers we will be directing buyers directly to your open house. Turn your open houses into a lead generating machine and don't worry about the attendees. We pack the place every time. 

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